Why Cyber Resilience matters for your fast growing business

You are the founder of a fast growing business. You and your team are working day and night on sustainable solutions for social and environmental problems, from zero hunger to clean energy and from clean water to healthcare for all. You want to make a difference, you want to make real impact.

Running a world changing business like yours, is like steering a ship across the ocean. You cannot just take your compass and sail away. On your voyage you will encounter storms, whales and, of course, icebergs. Are you a responsible captain? Or is your business more like the Titanic and do you denounce warnings about icebergs as “scare mongering”?

Maybe you are looking from the bridge of your ship and all you can see is nothing but calm and quiet water. No icebergs, nothing to worry about, you think. You feel safe. Though it is a false sense of security, because deep below the surface hostile submarines are waiting for a good moment to hit your ship with their torpedoes.

And while the band is playing on, you suddenly feel that your business is hit by either an iceberg or a torpedo. As your ship slowly starts to sink, your passengers and crew are looking for you: what should we do? Panic and chaos emerge.

Icebergs and cyber-attacks have something in common, only a small fraction is visible. Very few cyber-attacks on businesses ever reach the news and hence many business owners underestimate this threat. Cybercriminals operate in a very similar manner to submarines, they are often already hiding in your network long before they strike and take your business down. And when they eventually got hacked, panic and chaos emerge.

Cyber Resilience is essential for the success of your fast growing business.

Cyber Resilience is essential for the success of your fast growing business.

How you can make your fast growing business Cyber Resilient

What would you do if your business got hacked?

What would you do if your business got hacked?

Why did so many lives got lost during the sinking of the Titanic? There were not enough lifeboats. Why? Because the owners mistakenly believed that this ship was unsinkable. So why invest in something as useless as lifeboats? We now know better.

A Cyber Response Plan is like the evacuation protocol of your ship. It tells you how many lifeboats your ship needs and who is responsible for guiding people quickly to safety. A Cyber Response Plan not only prevents panic and chaos but allows you to go back to business quickly after a cyber-attack.

Obviously your ship’s crew needs to know how to act in case of a maritime calamity. That is why safety training is essential to the education of marine officers: to learn how to deal with onboard emergencies. Similarly is Security Awareness training the key for the Cyber Resilience for your fast growing company.

However, early warnings are even more important to sail your ship across the ocean safely. If you know where the icebergs or submarines are, you can avoid disasters all together by changing your course in advance. By monitoring your IT network you can detect suspicious activities long before an actual cyber-attack, allowing you to take action.

Why you need an independent partner for your Cyber Resilience

You might be wondering: “Isn’t my IT partner not responsible for my Cyber Security?”

You can compare your IT partner with the engineers of a ship. They keep the engines and related systems up and running. However, the ship’s officers are responsible for the safety of the crew and passengers on board, while the radar operators are in charge of detecting icebergs or pirates.

Most importantly, though, for the overall security of a ship is the Naval Architect. It is his or her job to design a ship in such a manner that she can easily detect any danger and can quickly maneuver around any threat. So you as a captain can safely cross the ocean.

We are like Naval Architects. We help you to make your fast growing business Cyber Resilient. So you can change the world.

Cyber Resilience affects your entire business and not just your IT department.

Cyber Resilience affects your entire business and not just your IT department.

Why Asomis IT Security?

Feel free to schedule an appointment to explore how we can your business Cyber Resilient!

Feel free to schedule an appointment to explore how we can your business Cyber Resilient!

I want to contribute to a better and safer world, because I believe in freedom and justice for all. That is why I help ambitious and sustainable entrepreneurs like you, to protect their businesses against cybercrime. I will use my knowledge and expertise on IT security to make your fast growing business Cyber Resilient. And together we can make this world a better and safer place to live.

Are you ready to Scale Up your security?

Wim Vrolijk - sales trainer at Improvement Profs:

Azem greatly assisted me when my website was hacked and infiltrated with malware. I was fearing the worst, but Azem managed to rectify everything. I wholeheartedly recommend Azem if you have security issues.

Erik Dukker - Personal Branding photographer & former IT-manager:

Azem is an expert and someone you can also grab a coffee with.

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